If you can not find your bike or are unsure what options to select please contact us for advice.

The Oberon Adjustable Levers are relatively easy to install. If you’re mechanically inclined, have the correct tools (as detailed in your service manual) and follow the instructions, the brake and clutch lever installation should take less than 30 minutes. If you do not feel comfortable installing them yourself, we recommend visiting your local motorcycle mechanic.

Yes. Oberon levers are designed to bring the lever in closer to the grip allowing for an easier reach. These levers are used by people with small hands, disabilities, police officers and those who are unhappy with the release point of the clutch on the late model touring bikes/trikes.

Although several Harley models share the same lever part numbers, cross-fitment issues can arise from design changes with new model years and model designations. We recommend checking our store for fitment confirmations.

Oberon levers are not designed to be compatible with any reduced effort clutch mechanisms.

Hogleverage no longer supply colored adjustment knobs. However, a select number of knobs have been set aside for RETURNING customers who purchased only a clutch lever with a colored knob in the past.

If you have purchased a lever from us in the past and would like a matching colored knob for your brake lever, email to check availability before your purchase and we’ll make sure the appropriate knob is installed on your lever, if available.

No. Oberon levers are sold individually. It is recommended you double check your order to ensure you haven’t ordered a brake/clutch lever or combination of the two incorrectly by mistake.

The Oberon levers have 8 adjustment positions with approximately 0.90 inches of adjustment between positions 1 and 8. Exact measurements on closeness to grip can vary from model to model.

There is a choice of black or chrome finish

Yes, by special order only depending on availability. Just FYI; The aero slot exists to reduce wind drag on the lever at highway speeds, alleviating wear on the clutch and brakes over time.

In most cases when adjusting your lever in to a certain point, you will lose the ability to start in gear. This is caused by the safety switch not being fully depressed when you pull the clutch in. Although your clutch is disengaged, the bike doesn’t register it when the switch isn’t fully depressed. The reason for this is to keep your bike from taking off upon start up. If you find this to be an issue, start out in the stock adjustment position (generally #4) and turn the switch in after start-up.

As long as any OEM bushings and rattle shims are transferred, your lever should not have any more play than your stock lever.

Typically, the free play should be about the thickness of a dime. We always recommend consulting your service manual when making clutch adjustments. It is recommended that you also stay as close to the lower end of the tolerance to alleviate clutch pull lost in lever adjustment.

If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, please call or email your inquiry.

In some cases, yes. If you’re interested in international shipping, please call or email.

At this time, we do not, however development of new products is ever ongoing.

Several dealers nation-wide carry our levers. If you’re interested in buying these from your local dealer, call them up and ask. If they do not sell our product or are unaware of them, feel free to share the information contained on our website.

All items sold by Hogleverage are warrantied to be free from defects in material or workmanship and to conform to all applicable standards. Since Hogleverage has no control over how they are specified, installed, used, or maintained, all warranties of merchantability and fitness are hereby expressly excluded. Our liability is limited to replacing defective material or refunding the invoiced value of the material sold. In no case shall our liability exceed the invoiced value of the goods sold. Acceptance of any and all goods invoiced by Hogleverage constitutes acceptance of these conditions and exclusions.

These levers are made in relatively small runs and hand assembled. They are technically complex in design and fit and finish is unrivaled. They are made in the UK, and chrome levers are assembled in the US. Great care is taken to ensure you receive the highest quality adjustable lever on the market.