About Us

Hogleverage is a division of Clarendon Specialty Fasteners, Inc. formerly Coast Fabrication.

Hogleverage is the US distributor of Oberon Adjustable Harley Davidson Levers.

Here at Clarendon Specialty Fasteners, Inc. we have applied our extensive racing and fabrication heritage to several “project” motorcycles. One such endeavor was former co-owner Jeff Heywood’s 2008 Harley Davidson Rocker. Both work on this bike and discussions with other Harley riders led us to research, develop, and make available select parts and resources for this and other Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Clarendon Specialty Fasteners are a leading stocking distributor and manufacturer of aerospace hardware and components. We mainly operate in the Aerospace, Motorsport, Defence and Industrial sectors.

Learn more about Clarendon Specialty Fasteners, Inc. at www.clarendonsf.com

Oberon was formed in 1987 mainly manufacturing for the marine and hose fitting industries producing fine tolerance parts. 

Both directors are keen motorcyclists. One of whom purchased a new motorcycle and in the short journey back from the dealership to Oberon was already planning on modifications. The next few weeks led to frustration, not being able to find good quality engineered products that actually fitted or even worked in the way expected.

Hogleverage is based out of California and have been selling high quality levers around America and Canada for the past 5 years. We have a deep understanding of the products we sell and can answer any technical questions through our Contact us page.