Installation Guide


Installation guide download: Harley LEVER Instructions


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Installation is relatively straight forward for anyone with moderate mechanical ability and certain hand tools. Included with the levers is a one page instruction sheet which references the bike workshop manual.

Care must be taken to avoid damage to delicate micro-switches.

Also it is extremely important, where applicable, to move the pivot bushing and any anti-rattle shims from the original lever to the Oberon lever. This step is often missed and will result in less than desirable results.

Please note: If the clutch lever is adjusted to a setting very close to the grip in some circumstances it can cause the clutch to not fully disengage and/or defeat the start-in-gear function. If this is a concern please contact us for advice.

Lever length is approximately 7” from the center of pivot point to the end of the lever ball and is comparable to the standard lever. Our levers include the “Aero” slot.

Personal judgement is needed in selecting the best lever position for your specific situation.

For the clutch lever, it is necessary for you to select the position which has the best compromise between hand comfort and full clutch disengagement. Check here If the bike/trike does not shift smoothly from neutral to first gear it is an indication to try a different adjusting position. If you have a cable actuated clutch, our levers work best with the cable free play set within the factory tolerance. Extra cable slack can be problematic.

For the brake lever, it must never be adjusted to a position that could allow the lever to contact the grip when maximum braking is needed.

If lever adjustment is a concern please contact us for advice.