We offer our customers a unique and well manufactured product with the customer service to match. Here are Hogleverage we promise to provide you with the best product and the best quality guidance on selection and installation.

Thanks so much for the adjustable levers. I got them for my ’09 Sportster 1200 low and put them on before riding out from Colorado to the AMA conference in Carson City, Nevada. They performed wonderfully. Many other bikers commented on them. They work very well and really helped my hands to not be as tired as they have been before on long rides. Adjusting them was very easy and it was nice to have the option of many positions available. I am now looking for a Softtail Deluxe and will be installing Oberon Levers from HogLeverage as my first modification. Thanks again for the great product. The truth is they are the best.

Tyna Conley, Florida The reduced reach clutch and brake handles I bought for my Harley Trike make it much easier for me to ride. I have small hands and I couldn’t hardly pull the clutch lever in to shift gears. The hog leverage handles allows me to enjoy riding.

Rino S. Texas, USA If anyone out there is looking for adjustable levers for their bike, I highly recommend you check out Hog Leverage. I purchased a 2013 CVO RK, which has the hydraulic clutch. I’ve had many Harley’s but this is the first hydraulic clutch bike I have ever owned and although I love the feel of the clutch I couldn’t get used to the far friction point of the lever. It is at the very end of the lever play and trying to control the friction zone, especially while making a right turn in parking lot maneuvers was a nightmare.
Being that it is hydraulic there is no adjustment so i started searching the web. Unfortunately there aren’t many options available but I did come across a company called Oberon Performance located in the UK. http://www.oberon-performance.co.uk As I didn’t want to order from overseas I found Hog Leverage, a dealer for Oberon here in the U.S.

Although Oberon produces both hydraulic and cable operated levers for a variety of Harleys they didn’t have any listed for my specific application. I e-mailed Oberon hoping that by chance they would have something that would work. I received a response from Steve Street, Director at Oberon. After some discussion and a few pictures of my clutch lever assembly Steve recommended a set of levers that he indicated should work.
As I didn’t want to order from overseas I found Hog Leverage, a dealer for Oberon here in the U.S. I called Hog Leverage and spoke with Gary Donahoe. While talking with Gary about what I wanted to order he asked what bike these would be going on. Gary wasn’t confident that those levers would work for my application and wanted to be as sure as possible they would fit my bike. He asked if I would hold off on the order while he did some research rather than me having to send them back if they didn’t.

I received the levers a few days later and proceeded to do the install, documenting and photographing everything to share with them. The installation went beautifully and the levers work as advertised. The levers are beautifully finished with no flaws of any kind. After test riding I must say I was impressed. Friction control and hand position were perfect and the brake side was just as much an improvement.

I contacted Gary and let him know the result. He insisted I ride with them for a few days just to be sure there were no problems. After a weekend of riding with them all i can say is WOW.

In the end I can’t say enough good things about these two companies and about dealing with Gary in particular. We kept in contact throughout the entire process and he is one heck of a stand up guy. Outstanding customer service, very knowledgeable and genuinely interested that the product he provides works and is right for your setup. I would highly recommend these organizations to anyone interested in quality adjustable levers.